Have you ever wondered
why Percival landed there
or how they settled on "Lacey"?

Local artists Polly & Perry Calavara (calavara.com), wondered these things and decided that the easiest way to resolve these questions was to produce a multi-volume set of history cards featuring people from the area. That's pretty much the project in a nutshell.

Each volume contains 24 history cards with biographies of people from Thurston County history, illustrated by the Calavara twins from the best available sources. A great deal of energy was put into these cards researching people from our local past to ensure historical accuracy. A great deal of time was spent illustrating portraits of those people.

These cards represent a total of 48 people from our past, geographically speaking, and range from founding settlers to important architects and even a guy who ran an opium den. They include a dizzying array of facial hair. They do NOT, however, include everyone of importance to local history. We are looking towards producing further volumes, and for more on that, click here.

As one final note, we want to express our deep gratitude to those backers and supporters of this project who helped us out with tracking down information and pictures of people. To all of everyone who thinks these cards are neat or a neat idea, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL HISTORICAL SOCIETIES!

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