Why didn't you do PersonX???

The short answer is that we ran out of room.

The slightly longer answer is that the Calavara Twins are NOT historians. We write, we draw, we paint. We solicited recommendations for who to include but at the end of the day, we chose the people who were, essentially, the low-hanging fruit. The intention had always been to include people from further afield in the county, not just downtown Oly, and to that we end we tried to contact every local history group under the sun, most of which we never heard back from. What we weren't able to do because of the time constraints associated with the project, was to field-trip around and bang on doors and go through files and interview historians or even read local history books.

To the end that the project doesn't feel fully completed, we would LOVE to do further volumes. We would love to have more recommendations on people to include and have some help sourcing information on those people (again, we /= historians). However, in order to expanded into further volumes we need to find a way to finance the project. What this really means is that the first two volumes NEED TO SELL. If the community at large is interested in more, then they need to go buy the first two volumes. We're game to expand if the desire is there and we'll be able to afford it if the sales are.

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